Monday, July 24, 2017

How She Was Caught

According to a Facebook User, “Ogechi Vincent Udeh"
She shared this on her wall...

"Wonders shall never end oooo my pipl pls we all need to be careful ooo don't send ur young wards out unaccompanied... Becos dis kinds are everywhere now. Dis story I'm about to share happened in my area... Okeafa dat canoe new road dat leads to ajao estate n many oda places most of us shld be conversant with d road on d pictures below... ...d pictures below are dat of a woman kidnapper who hypnotized a teenage girl from ajao estate... Taking her to God knws where... She took dis gurl from ajao estate all in d name of looking for a warehouse,,,d innocent girl has been hypnotized n working under her she followed her from ajao estate wen dey get to canoe my street to be precise her co worker appeared two guys asking Dem wat dey are looking for dis woman  said she doesn't understand English as she is from Togo n speaks n understands French d oda guy interpreted telling d girl dat she said she is looking for a warehouse.. D oda guy now said dat der is one at ejigbo. Dat dey shld take marwa from der. As dey were waiting for marwa d innocent girl sighted her uncle's car passing by n her uncle also has seen her standing with dis strange so he stopped,bfore d guy could finish parking dis woman ran into my street n hid behind some cars parked der...d gurl told her uncle dat dey are looking for a warehouse ooo... D guy asked her who she was with..? D gurl turned bck n couldn't find d woman.. D woman in her hide out saw dat d man has entered bck into her car she came out again dragging d gurl dat dey shld go ooo,,, dat she shld forget abt her uncle.. Not knowing dat d man is still watching... D man came out n rushed to where dey were immediately dis very woman dat claimed to be from Togo n dosnt understand English or any other language started speaking Igbo ...telling d guy dat she doesn't know d gurl oo... Dis n dat... Dats how dey started beating her n asked her der intentions on d gurl... She confessed dat after collecting money from d parents,, dat dey hav pipl dey supply with human parts... N dat dey will sale d gurl to Dem for rituals..... If not for police intervention.... She would hav been history by now bcos dey wanted to burn her down to ashes... May God help us all... Bcos no one is save.


Sunday, July 16, 2017

How to make pizza

Home made Pizza
Ingredients :( dough)
225g- flour
1tsp- salt
1tsp - yeast
150ml -warm water
For topping
1 onion - sliced half moon shape
75g- button mushroom
1 yellow pepper
150g- mozzeralla cheese
45 ml- olive oil
45ml - tomatoes paste
50g - cheddar cheese
4- hard tomatoes ( roughly chopped)
Salt and black pepper to garnish
Sausages 1 pack
Sieve flour and salt in to your mixer attaching the dough hook.
Run at a minimum speed gently add the warm water and olive oil. For 5 mins knead in the mixer until smooth and elastic.
Transfer to a lightly floured surface, shape into a smooth ball and roll out. Into a size of pan 12' Place in a lightly oiled pan 12'. Press the edges.
Cover dough with nylon and allow to raise in a warm place. For 40 mins.
Slice, onions, pepper ,tomatoes . Half your button mushroom. Pieces your cheese with your finger tips.
Cut your sausages any size or shape.
Heat 30 ml of olive oil in a frying pan and onion a bit of salt. stir fry with your sausage add curry if u desire a bit though.
Fry for about 5 mins.
Pre heat your oven
Spread the tomatoes paste on the base of the dough mix bother cheese together., sprinkle half over pizza.
Top with tomatoes, pepper, mushroom, fired onions and sausages. And the remaining cheese. Season well with curry seasoning and salt.
Drizzle the remains olive oil over the pizza and bake.
Garnish with black pepper when it ready.
Bon appetite


Notification For Arrest of MTN Recharge Card Traders Selling Above Face Value on the Recharge Card.

MTN since 1st of April, 2017 decreased discount on recharge for their partners from 5%-4%.
MTN Mandated distributors in Imo State (OZB Communications) to sell to retailers at 3.5% margin (N965). These retailers are expected to sell to bizlift traders at 2.5% which translates to N975. The bizlift traders are expected to sell to end users at face value (100 naira).
We have observed that up to date retailers and bizlift traders are still selling above face value.
Following this discovery, law enforcement agencies in Imo State have been mandated to arrest such persons starting from Monday because it is regarded as a fraudulent act.
That the 3.5 and 2.5% profit margins for retailers and bizlift if not adequate to cater for  business then the trader is advised to quit the business than engage in defrauding people.
Be it known to the general public to report any person selling MTN recharge above face value to the following numbers:

OZB Communications Management.


Friday, July 14, 2017

Relationship Goals

If you meet that one person ,
Who loves you even when u are undeserving
Who Trust you even when u are unworthy ,
Who cares for you even when you are undeserving,
Who spends for you even when you are uncontributing ,
Who makes you smile in your Darkest hour even when you are troublesome ,
Who waits for you even when you are unfaithful,
Who forgives to forget even when u are mean ,
Who is always there for you even when you hardly can make them your Piority ,

Hold on to that Person
Tightly ,
Cause even the heavens knows such type of personality was created on a RARE day .

   ...... Zinny


Wednesday, July 12, 2017


According to Frank Edward's instagram chats, he just confirmed that Don MEON IS alive, the rummor spreading around about his death is false.
Frank Edward is a Nigerian Gospel Artist, he also has a PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP with Don moen and his family. The  chat as seen in the attached pic shows Don Moen is ALIVE as CONFIRMED BY HIS SON, Michael Moen....Thank God.


Monday, July 10, 2017


This is happening now at Oshodi,a train crushed a lady into Two at the rain wey.. May her soul rest in peace ,in Jesus name .


Friday, July 7, 2017

Voice of Nwangele Youths

To those it may concerned @ (information)"

Today been Friday 7th of July 2017 was a blessed day in UMUORLIHI in Umuorlu Isu in Nwangele LGA IMO state, as the youths of umuorlihi came out in Masses to voice out, in one voice by using this day to bring to the attention of our leaders in person of  Rt. Hon. Ugonna Ozurigbo, the deputy speaker IMO state house of assembly, and also to the attention of our beloved son's and brothers who is contesting for the seat of IMO state house assembly to represents nwangele state constituency, to put some efforts in assisting them with electricity as they have been in darkness for many years!

"The youth acknowledged the efforts of Mr Solomon Ucheka Chinonso towards the electricity sector and urged him for more efforts for their quest for electricity to be met.

Also,  the youth appreciated Nwaka Nnamdi,  for his contributions towards the developments of the society" and and urges him to extends his efforts/ contribution's to their beloved kindred!!!.

God bless Umuorlihi Youth, God Bless the leaders, God bless Nwangele .

From office of the Public Relation Officer UMUORLIHI youths wing's!!!!



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How She Was Caught

According to a Facebook User, “Ogechi Vincent Udeh" She shared this on her wall... " Wonders shall never end oooo my pipl pls ...

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