Monday, August 14, 2017

Family of five all dead in Okija

According to a Facebook User, Don Val.. 
He wrote "Happing live @ Ndieke umuatuegwu okija as a family was posion
What wicked world
Can't believe this

Information coming from the villages said that the incident started on Wednesday 9ht August as the woman finish cooking and then after her   husband came back from okada work and was served food so as he was eating wit his three children the man fail down and started vomiting blood some mins after one of his son started also not to long all of them started vomiting blood and was rushed to the hospital and have been dying one after the other since that day and on Friday the wife slumped as she can't face her self losing her family and also gave up this morning wish make the villages to  assembled they Corpse  so they can go for investigation


May their souls rest in peace


Wednesday, August 9, 2017


   An addict is a person who habitually and intentionally uses narcotic drugs to directly endanger his own or other's health, safety or welfare. Drug addiction is defined as the compulsive use of drug that is harmful to the individual, to the society or to both.

The term "drug addiction" is used here to mean a behavioral pattern or compulsive drug use characterized by an overwhelming involvement with its procurement. The user often relapses to drug use after a period of abstinence.

Drug abuse is not the same as physical dependence is a physiological or chemical condition produced by the administration of a drug to the extent that a characteristic pattern of a sign and symptoms appears when the drugs is withdrawn and disappears when the drug is administered.

     The increasing crime rate in our educational institutions has been occasioned by the use of drugs, both hard and otherwise, by students.  The offending and damaging drugs include cocaine, LSD, Heroine, Indian hemp, etc

The use of these drugs by students has led to the perpetration of every imaginable crime on the campuses and in the society at large.

    The Federal Government, in a bid to curb these practices promulgated the National Drug Law Enforcement Decree No. 48 of 1989. Various types of offences are punishable under this Decree.



Sunday, August 6, 2017


72 Worshippers Murdered In The Church

This morning gun men entered St Philip's Catholic Church, Amakwa Ozubulu, Anambra State opened fire and killed several worshippers. St Philip's is reputed as a purposed built architectural masterpiece, a luxurious place of worship consecrated about two years ago by the Catholic Bishop of Nnewi Most Rev Dr Odili Okeke. The project was solely financed by world famous philanthropist High Chief Nnamdi Ikegwounwu (Ebubechukwuuzo Ozubulu) . Bodies are being taken to nearby Ozubulu Joint Hospital mortuary. The message the armed men sent is yet to be ascertained but the terror is suspected to be religiously motivated.


Thursday, August 3, 2017

Nigerian Guy, Buchi, Found Dead

A Nigerian Guy, Buchi who reside in Asia was found dead this morning in his house.

He was no where to be found for one week, then his friends decided to check on him by visiting his house, only to find him dead in his room this morning.

May his soul rest in peace


Saturday, July 29, 2017


"Send me a photo of your nipples" the other man sent her a message on WhatsApp.
She walked to the bathroom. Locked the door then strapped down her night dress. Took a photo of her breasts then sent to the other man.
"Tomorrow you will get to touch these" she texted the other man.
She got out of the bathroom smiling then got inside the bed where her husband was.
Tomorrow she will be going to finally meet the man she's been flirting with.
This man has promised her great sex, sex out of this world. She complained to the other man about how her husband is weak in sex, a one minute man. This other man promised to sex her real good.
She was excited. She really wants sex. Good sex.
This other man sent her a picture of his penis.
She held her phone close, saw the penis picture.
"Who is that?" Asked her husband.
"It's Karo. She is confirming that we are going for a vigil at her church tomorrow night" she told her husband.
It was a lie. She is not going for a vigil with Karo tomorrow, she is going to meet up with the other man in a hotel to have mind blowing sex that no one has to know.
"Let me text her to tell her I will meet her at six in the evening" she lied to her husband.
"Say hello to her" her innocent husband said.
"OK" she said.
"That is the biggest penis I have ever seen. I can't wait for it to slide and cum inside me. You are making me hot. Keep him warm for me" she texted the other man.
She placed her fingers between her legs. She had shaved. Ready for tomorrow's sex.
Her husband started touching her, leaning towards her to kiss her and make love to her, his wife.
She pulled away. Denied her husband her body.
"I am not in the mood" she said.
"I love you" her husband said and turned the other way and slept.
She felt a sting in her heart.
What is she doing?
She has turned into a liar.
Her marriage is falling apart by her lusting after another man. How is she to work on her marriage if she is focusing on the penis of another man?
She stared at the wall. She couldn't sleep.
So tomorrow after she has mind blowing sex, what next? This man wants to sex her even if it means cheating on her husband. He just wants sex, nothing more. How many other women is he sexing and sending pictures of his penis to? If she gets pregnant, he will not want to be a father.
This other man doesn't even care about her dreams, her fears, her children, her future, her relationship with God. All he wants is her vagina, butt and nipples.
He doesn't bother knowing her heart.
Her husband on the other hand is the sweetest man in the world. He married her. Is a great father. He is loving. He supports her. Strives to make her happy. Thoughtful. Good looking. His sex may not last long but he makes her feel loved. She has a good husband.
She cried. Asked God for forgiveness.
She picked up her phone. Deleted the penis picture on her phone.
"I can't do this any more. What we have been doing is wrong. I love my husband. I will not cheat on him. Do not contact me any more. I want nothing to do with you" she texted the other man and blocked his number so that he can't call or text her.
She switched her phone off.
Removed her night dress.
Took her fingers to her husband's nipples and started rubbing them.
Her husband woke up.
She took her fingers down his penis.
Removed his penis from his boxer shorts.
He started getting hard.
"I want you" she whispered to his ear.
He got really hard as she stroke his penis.
She sat on him and made love to him.
When she sensed he was about to orgasm, she stood up and showed to him her breasts.
She then gently came down on her bed, laid on her back.
"Make love to me" she requested.
He got up and went on top of her.
They made sweet love.
She made him relax and he lasted longer. She helped him hold his hardness for longer.
Sweet orgasm, they both had.
That was the sweetest pleasure they have ever had as husband and wife. She has never felt that good before. They had learned each other's body better than before.
"I love you" she told her husband.
"I love you too" said her husband.
"I really love you. Thank you for being such an amazing husband" she added.
"You are in a good mood" her husband said smiling.
"I am a blessed wife, that's why. I have decided to stay at home tomorrow night. I will stay at home and pray with you and our marriage. Let's have a vigil as husband and wife" she said.
"I love the sound of that my love" her husband said.
They kissed and slept peaceful and happy.
The greatest sex is not outside your marriage, it is at home, with your spouse. The kind of sex that comes with love, joy, peace, fulfilment and no regrets.


Thursday, July 27, 2017

How Police led to her death

Police nd tipper driver lead her to death today, at onitsha owerri  express way by new Park. May her soul rest in peace..


Monday, July 24, 2017

How She Was Caught

According to a Facebook User, “Ogechi Vincent Udeh"
She shared this on her wall...

"Wonders shall never end oooo my pipl pls we all need to be careful ooo don't send ur young wards out unaccompanied... Becos dis kinds are everywhere now. Dis story I'm about to share happened in my area... Okeafa dat canoe new road dat leads to ajao estate n many oda places most of us shld be conversant with d road on d pictures below... ...d pictures below are dat of a woman kidnapper who hypnotized a teenage girl from ajao estate... Taking her to God knws where... She took dis gurl from ajao estate all in d name of looking for a warehouse,,,d innocent girl has been hypnotized n working under her she followed her from ajao estate wen dey get to canoe my street to be precise her co worker appeared two guys asking Dem wat dey are looking for dis woman  said she doesn't understand English as she is from Togo n speaks n understands French d oda guy interpreted telling d girl dat she said she is looking for a warehouse.. D oda guy now said dat der is one at ejigbo. Dat dey shld take marwa from der. As dey were waiting for marwa d innocent girl sighted her uncle's car passing by n her uncle also has seen her standing with dis strange so he stopped,bfore d guy could finish parking dis woman ran into my street n hid behind some cars parked der...d gurl told her uncle dat dey are looking for a warehouse ooo... D guy asked her who she was with..? D gurl turned bck n couldn't find d woman.. D woman in her hide out saw dat d man has entered bck into her car she came out again dragging d gurl dat dey shld go ooo,,, dat she shld forget abt her uncle.. Not knowing dat d man is still watching... D man came out n rushed to where dey were immediately dis very woman dat claimed to be from Togo n dosnt understand English or any other language started speaking Igbo ...telling d guy dat she doesn't know d gurl oo... Dis n dat... Dats how dey started beating her n asked her der intentions on d gurl... She confessed dat after collecting money from d parents,, dat dey hav pipl dey supply with human parts... N dat dey will sale d gurl to Dem for rituals..... If not for police intervention.... She would hav been history by now bcos dey wanted to burn her down to ashes... May God help us all... Bcos no one is save.



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Family of five all dead in Okija

According to a Facebook User, Don Val..  He wrote "Happing live @ Ndieke umuatuegwu okija as a family was posion What wicked world C...

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